March Air Force Base Address
Moreno Valley, California

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March Air Reserve Base


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March Air Force Base

The March Air Force Base is a highly important military air force base located in the state of California, in the Riverside County. Some near-by cities are Riverside and Moreno Valley. The great thing about it is that here can be found the greatest and largest air mobility wing. The main unit occupying the base is the USAFR 452d Air Mobility Wing, a division highly appreciated by the Air Reserve Bases in the USA.

Although the demographics of the base are of only 370 people, the area in which they work is tremendous (16.2 km2). This is largely because of the many uses March AFB has. The present-day commander for March AFB is Brigadier General James L. Melin. Built in 1918, the base is the largest air reserve base in the USA. And has a primary mission of developing an "air cargo center". Of course, it also trains many young soldiers in the field of flying operation, etc. The base was named after Peyton C. March Jr., the son of Peyton C. March, one of the first Army-Chief of Staff.

Although one of the most famous attractions at March AFB is the March Air Field Museum, where one can marvel at the great inventions and military gadgets used throughout the 20th century, March has no housing for people from the outside, for the time being. It has many state-of the-art aircraft and it also boasts on having a C-141 Starflier in its museum.

Throughout its existence, historically-speaking, March has served both as hosting air units and training future soldiers. The joint forces of March AFB and the Egyptian Air Force with the purpose of training is the most recently mission in which March AFB staff were used. The base has also received favorable press for this cooperation. This is very important as it has been the only US base to have participated in this event. The base does not have a personalized logo.